Parent/Carer Consultation Service

Parent/Carer Consultation Service

The City of Wolverhampton Council’s Inclusion Support Service and Outreach Service is offering a free remote consultation service to parents/carers living in Wolverhampton, and also to parents/ carers of children or young people in the care of Wolverhampton but living in another local authority.

The consultation service aims to help parents/carers to support their child(ren) during the school closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Parents/carers who feel that they would benefit from consultation with a member of our team can access the service.

Our team comprises of the Educational Psychology Service- Educational Psychologists (EPs), Trainee EPs, Assistant EPs; Specialist Learning Support Service- Specialist Teachers; Officers who support with Education Welfare and the inclusion of vulnerable pupils; a Counsellor; and the Virtual School team, who promote the education of children and young people in care and previously in care. The Outreach Service comprises of Teachers and TLSAs and provide practical support to promote the learning of pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

Parents/carers will be contacted remotely by your preferred method of communication and offered an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes with a member of our Inclusion Support Service or Outreach Service. You will also be offered another review consultation at a later date as a way of monitoring progress.

Areas you may wish to discuss or explore with us could include:

  • Impacts of transition from school to home learning;
  • How do I support my child’s learning, social and emotional needs whilst they are at home;
  • How do I promote positive behaviour;
  • How do I support my child who is anxious or worried about the changes and implications of the coronavirus;
  • How can I support children who may be missing friends and school staff;
  • Impacts on family relationships;
  • Promoting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health for my family;
  • Supporting children or young people with uncertainty regarding endings e.g. children not returning to nursery, pupils in Year 6, Year 11 or Year 13.

If you still feel that you would like to speak to a member of the Inclusion Support Service after reviewing the resources on our websites, please complete the online request form below. We will aim to respond to consultation requests by providing a date and time within 3 working days.

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We will aim to respond to consultation requests providing a date and time within 3 working days.